SEPTEMBER 8 -15, 2018


Enjoy eight days and seven nights at the lovely Soulshine Retreat Center created by Michael Franti and Carla Swanson (Video links at end of page). Each day you will enjoy two Yoga classes in the open air Yoga studio overlooking the rice fields with Melissa and Wendelin. After your morning Yoga class and breakfast, you are then free to enjoy the surroundings of the retreat center or go into the art center and healing village of Ubud. You can enjoy the restaurants, shops, art galleries, temples, palace, spas and market.


Bali is considered one of the most spiritual places on earth, with a rich and unique cultural and religious heritage. It is the perfect place to deepen into oneself and take in the beauty Bali offers to the soul.


  • (Full schedule will be handed out upon arrival):


    Matahari – Sunrise Morning Yoga Practice 7-9:30am


    This class will be more dynamic in nature, with the time of the rising sun. Expect to explore a full spectrum of asana practice. This may include mindful vinyasa and namaskars, alignment based asana instruction incorporating both therapeutic and Ayurvedic perspectives, supported or active inversions - both free-flowing and structured practices will be guided to help one deepen into discovering their own unique practice. Yoga and Balinese philosophy will be woven into the themes of the classes to help enrich and deepen the inner process of practice and place. Modifications and adjustments are given to accommodate the individual needs of each student.


    Bulan – Moonrise Evening Yoga 4:30-6:30pm


    This class will incorporate a slower Yoga practice and may include yin yoga, restorative yoga, pranayama, and meditative practices. This is a quiet and reflective practice to complete and integrate your day.

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Jalan Ambarwati, Ubud , Bali, Indonesia 

Ph. +62 (0) 85 333 499 499

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