July 1 - 8, 2018


Do you feel the need for time out just for you? To recharge, become more consciously aware and reset yourself on a path that aligns with the truth of who you are?


Busy-ness seems to be a dis-ease that most of our retreat participants are suffering at this time. Busy keeping up with the demands of work, family and life, not to mention when life throws you a curve ball… The consequences are that you get caught up and feel disconnected from your sense of self – your needs, your aspirations and your true calling.


The greatest gift you can give yourself is time. Time to step away from the automatic pilot of your everyday life to focus solely on yourself. There is nothing more powerful than retreat for gaining greater perspective, reconnecting with your authentic Self and gaining clarity about the next step on your journey.


Let us take you on a 7-day soul journey to Ubud, Bali…


Invigorate your spirit and infuse your life with the magic and transformative power of Ubud, Bali. Join yoga and life educators Sandi Murphy and Amanda Woolridge on their annual retreat.


This retreat is a fusion of East meets West, the place where science and spirituality merge; an immersion in yoga, psychology and the chakra system. On this experiential journey gain awareness of your habits and automatic patterns; tools that support you to let go of that which no longer serves you; and engage in practises that will empower you.


This is the perfect retreat for you if:


  •  You are a person who is at a crossroads in your life who seeks to know yourself more fully, and to decide upon the next step of your life’s journey in a way that aligns to your values and life’s purpose;


  • You are a Professional or Business Owner who needs to recharge and renew yourself and are drawn to taking a break that also supports you to grow in your personal development, which in turn will allow your business to evolve.


Each day is dedicated to one of the se ven chakras and begins with nurturing and uplifting Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Each day completes with grounding and embodying Yin Yoga & Meditation. Enjoy nourishing, healing Balinese food to detoxify body, mind and soul. Cultivate awareness of the subtle energy body through daily breath, meditation and mindfulness practises. Embody the elements to feel transformed and more empowered. Reconnect to your innate joy and inner contentment and allow your soul to shine!


Suitable for all yoga levels, individuals and couples, this revitalising retreat creates space for letting go of the everyday responsibilities, stresses and worries. Daily guided reflection draws you into your sacred heart space and ignites conversations that encourage you to remember your connection to source energy, the divine flow and to realise the truth of who you really are.


Return to your life for feeling transformed, empowered, aware of your soul’s calling, truly blessed and ‘blissed out’!


  • (Full schedule will be handed out upon arrival):


    DAY 1 - Sunday
    2pm Guest Check-In
    4-6pm Retreat Begins – Opening & Orientation
    7pm  Balinese Welcome Feast
    DAY 2 to 6 – Monday to Friday
    7-8:30am Vinyasa Flow Class
    8:30-10am Breakfast and Daily Itinerary
    10am – Activity or Excursion
    1-2pm Lunch
    2-4pm Soulo time
    5-6:30pm YIN Yoga Session
    7pm Dinner

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Jalan Ambarwati, Ubud , Bali, Indonesia 

Ph. +62 (0) 85 333 499 499
Contact: info@soulshinebali.com

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