FIERCE, FEMININE AND FREE : A Soul Centered Journey for Embodying the Gifts of the Divine Feminine for a New World

October 13 - 20, 2018


Fierce, Feminine and Free will be seven luxurious days of sinking into sacred sisterhood with wellness mavens Dr. Stephanie Bridwell and Vanessa VerLee. At this all women event, we will explore the body as a receptive vessel that interprets consciousness in ways that speak directly to your feminine wisdom. We will use seven portals of awareness to support you in melting decades of physical tension, stuck emotion and outdated stories so that you can live freely from your soul’s essence.


Dr. Stephanie and Vanessa have synergistically collaborated for close to a decade weaving their intoxicating kind of magic through intentional communities such as this retreat.


This Retreat is For You If:


⧭ You are curious about the mysteries of the divine feminine and how to learn how to live a life of ease inspired by her innate beauty.


⧭ You hunger to be seen, heard and to experience the ecstasy that comes from truly letting love in.


⧭ You’re ready to awaken your leadership voice and share your gifts with authenticity, confidence and courage.


⧭  You seek the ease of a body congruent with its true nature, a mind intuiting your next steps, a heart that can give and receive love more fully, and a soul that leads you instinctually on the right path.


⧭ It’s sounds exhilarating to you to be initiated through the fires of transformation as the agent of change you were born to be.


⧭  You’re ready to have FUN, expand your chosen FAMILY, feel body-mind-soul better that you ever have in this lifetime.


Hi from Dr. Stephanie…  I will be showing up big for you! I’ll be synergizing a unique blend of human potential psychology, spinal flow yoga, network spinal chiropractic and energy healing coaching that comes from decades of education and caring for thousands in private practice. One of the most difficult and transformative journey’s  in my life was releasing from the masculine shell of how I learned the world worked to be successful. I now own 3 abundantly successful businesses, have a supportive passionate best friend that I  truly call my king, a daughter that is full of imagination, grace, and ageless wisdom, and a family that knows the true me and supports my big dreams to come true.  The most meaningful aspect of my life’s calling is in helping other woman release limiting  programming so they can live in radiance with wild and radical self expression, and become the leaders and healers that the world is calling for.


HI from Vanessa… As women, we have a deep and ancient knowing that the deepest healing, wisdom and nourishment comes when we are circled up in safe, sacred community with one another. My life’s work is all about supporting the illumination of who we each are as soul’s - so that we may each give and receive in energizing, sustainable ways. During our time together, I will support you each in being with the truth of your experience in this moment, and from this place, clearing the path for to move from your soul’s truth with more ease, congruence and resonance.


  • (Full schedule will be handed out upon arrival):


    DAY 1 : Sat October 13th

    If coming directly from Ngurah Rai International Airport, a driver will pick you up and carry  you away to your gorgeous hotel villa, located just 30 minutes outside of Ubud. Our guests can check-in at 2pm. After you arrive you’ll have time to relax from your flight, hydrate with fresh juices, unpack, and indulge in a blissful walk around the grounds at your leisure, taking in this gorgeous environment.  You may even run into one of my favorite musicians, activists and all around agent of change being - Michael Franti, the founder of SoulShine Bali. At 5:30pm we'll officially come together and for a short program followed by our welcome dinner at 7:00pm.


    DAY 2 : Sun Oct 14th

    Focus: I am Rooted

    Awaken to breathtaking scenic views of sloping rice fields and healing river sounds. You will begin each morning with a vibrant choice of healthy breakfast delights. We will be just coming off the start of a new moon and will bring in the auspices of this energy to kick off our time together. This first full day will include learning how to create a sacred women's circle, a gentle/restorative yoga class with Vanessa to help support the body in landing fully to this new environment and a class with Dr. Stephanie taking you on a journey into the sacred portal of the Root chakra, as we understand and experience our deep roots as women and tribe. We will also have integration time, as well as lunch and dinner together,


    DAY 3 : Mon, Oct 15th

    Focus: I am Sensuous

    After breakfast, we will travel as a group to the auspicious Pura Tirta Empul, a sacred Balinese Water Temple, to begin to engage the richness of our senses and immerse our bodies in these healing waters. That afternoon Stephanie and Vanessa will lead us guided meditation and dancing that connect us to our womb state of pure sensing. After dinner that evening we will support one another in watsu massages, recreating a womb-like state for each other in the pool at our retreat center home.


    DAY 4 :: Tues, Oct 16th

    Focus: I am Powerful

    Start the day with a Power Hour of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation with Dr. Stephanie. After breakfast we will share a class of energizing content for reclaiming your power as a woman. Most women are conditioned to be nice and become afraid of our own power. We fear our anger or strong emotions will be aggressive.  We can’t wait to show you how transformative this energy is when you can be with it to set boundaries, speak your real voice without shame, and call in congruence with your true path. This evening is all yours to rest, get a massage, take a class or just reflect on what’s been stirring.


    DAY 5 : Wed Oct 17th

    Focus: I am love

    A morning heart opening yoga class greets your eager soul with grace and softening. During the day Stephanie will offer a class focused on enriching the ticking beat of your love. We will explore what habits we have gotten into that close our heart deeming us unlovable or unable to receive the love coming our way. Vanessa will also be leading us in a “Soul Oriented” sessions, which will include Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) and other activities to support the clarifying and strengthening of what gifts your soul is here to give and receive.


    That evening we’ll head out to the village to meet with a local family for a cultural dinner, a real inside experience about the Balinese culture and people in an intimate setting. We'll be driven only 5 minutes away and are shown a traditional family compound, talk about the traditions of Bali, the meaning of offerings, learn how to make an offering, enjoy an indonesian buffet, all followed by traditional dance performances. .


    DAY 6 :: Thurs Oct 18th

    Focus: I am Intuitive

    To tease out your intuition we will start the day with Vanessa leading a gentle yoga class blindfolded (optional), with sensuous silk fabric, of course. The day will also include a journey with Dr. Stephanie into the intuition portal, helping to identify what may be blocking our connection to intuition and a chance to learn and practice the TRUST Method, created by Dr. Stephanie, and a tool that takes us from blind… to blissed… to blessed! (You will receive a complimentary copy of The TRUST Method to take home with you!)  There will also be another Soul Oriented session with Vanessa that afternoon. Tonight we will get a live experience of how we are all made of pure vibration while we experience a two hour journey into sound healing designed with frequencies guided to all seven chakras with digital waves and live instruments.


    DAY 7 :Fri Oct 19th

    I am Whole

    This last day we will drop into the remembrance that WE are both the drop of water and the whole ocean at ocean, by spending the day at Secret White Sands Beach. While there, in addition to the relaxing, swimming and luxuriating on the beautiful sand - we will share in a beachside circle tying together the lessons of the seven portals and our time together.


    For dinner that evening, we will share our special farewell dinner and have the evening to casually be together in sisterhood.


    Day 8 :: Sat Oct 20th

    After breakfast you'll depart for the Ngurah Rai International Airport, checking out by 11am. You’ll never forget the memories you made this week in Bali.

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