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Bali Bliss Retreat with Janet Stone

APRIL 16 - 23, 2022

Joy, passion, and wonder will be at the center of this retreat led by Janet Stone with live music. 

Over 6 days, we'll dive into deep immersive yoga practices, beat filled dances, and the abundant exploration of the potency that is Bali


Bali 2022 Restorative Pilates & Aerial Yoga Retreat

SEPTEMBER 17 - 24, 2022

Join Tonya on this restorative retreat - traveling to the land of sacred temples, volcanoes and ancient forests.  Start the day with meditation, followed by Pilates or Aerial Yoga.  Dine on fresh, organic brunch, and then explore nearby temples and Ubud.  Or simply lounge by the pool...get a massage, and end the day with delicious dinner in the open-air dining room before you retire to your beautiful (air conditioned) room. Take time to disconnect and to align your mind, body, and spirit in beautiful Bali.  

Soul Alchemy Retreat with Bliss Camp Retreats


Chaturangas + culture + connection:


Join Ashley and Brittany for a week of straight-up #bliss. We'll sweat and reset with twice-daily sacred movement and meditation, breathwork, and soulwork (think journaling, gratitude + manifestation workshops). All meals, airport transfers, and a tour of the Sebatu holy water temple is included.

Jolan Tassone

Peace & Passion Yoga Retreat Led By Jolan Tassone 

JUNE 11 - 18, 2022

"what would it take for you to fully immerse yourself in the energies of Peace & Passion? 

To give yourself the time and luxury to be here and now?

Breathe, play and practice with other like minded souls and take your own sacred pause, because you are worth it!


Resonate with the vibration of joy and dive deep into your bliss to discover what truly nourishes, inspires and nurtures you. 

What are your passions? How do you embody unshakeable peace on and off the mat?

This week is a gift to your soul where we will journey through the practices of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga, Meditation and  Yoga Nidra. 


Soul Flow Retreat with Shelley Carroll

MAY 14 - 21, 2022

Join Shelley Carroll for a Soul Flow retreat at Soulshine Bali. Nourish and move your body and soul in this 7 day retreat that will connect you, inspire you, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Let your soul and heart shine.


Explore lush rice fields, sacred temples, and yourself. Relax, connect, and indulge in daily yoga and meditation, nourishing, organic food, and authentic people. You deserve it.

Bali Spirit Retreat with Lauren Autenrieth and Gabrielle Blachley

AUGUST 13 - 20, 2022

Our history and our stories are written on our bodies and in our voices and through vulnerability we help each other to share our stories and to rise up. Bali Spirit Retreat is designed as a spiritual immersion where we gather together in all of our strengths and struggles, in ALL that we are; raw, unafraid and open- to learning, healing, transforming, revealing, intention setting, building, and dreaming. Our intention is to gift you the tools to feel  seen, heard, understood, more informed, inspired, and empowered through adventure, chanting, ritual and mantra. This retreat is for anyone craving deeper connection to self and to source.

Energize Your Body With Yoga and Qigong in Tropical Bali

OCTOBER 7 - 14, 2023

Experience Ubud Bali to the fullest by joining this amazing journey. Breakaway from the stresses of modern life and rejuvenate your mind and body through daily Yoga & Qigong practices. This retreat is designed for those looking for the perfect mix of wellness and recreation to enjoy and take care of themselves. If you need a change of scenery or break from a stress-filled situation, this retreat is the ideal place to go.


Soulful Retreat with Carrie Kellar

OCTOBER 1 - 8, 2022

Join us as we venture to a new part of the globe for our 4th Annual Solful Retreat!  

We thought it only fitting to make our signature retreat a true Soul adventure by hosting it at Michael Franti's personal oasis, Soulshine Bali Retreat Center. Located in the yoga mecca of Ubud, surrounded by Bali jungle, ancient rice fields, temples and a beautiful river along the property. The property boasts luxury amenities, infinity pool, organic gardens, open air yoga shalas and the Soul Bar & Kitchen. Here, you will find your ultimate peace and serenity.

Annual Midwifery Wisdom Retreat

JUNE 18 - 25, 2022 (TBA)

Midwives give so much of themselves, its time they re-learn how to fill their own cup. Join us for a deep dive into radical self-care & self-acceptance, discovering your truth, exploring sisterhood & connection, dropping the martyr-paradigm, and living in total abundance for 7 days. Give yourself over to this magic like to you expect your clients to fall in love with their babies - because YOU are just as precious!

Linda and Nuria

The Yoga Vacation with Linda Baffa and Nuria Reed


The Yoga Vacation invites you to join experienced yoga teachers and retreat guides, Linda Baffa and Nuria Reed, in the journey of a lifetime.  Their combined wisdom and teaching skills will take to that sweet spot where you can let go and flow with yoga, life and all the sacredness Bali has to offer.


As you unplug from the daily grind of life, allow Nuria and Linda to guide you through twice daily yoga practices, daily meditations, sacred rituals, and cultural excursions so that you can immerse yourself in a luxurious Balinese vacation.  From here, you will drop into soul renewal, pure truth of being, and the best kind of vacation there is: the Yoga Vacation. 

Mind-Blowing Yoga &

Body-Rocking Pilates with

Janet Yockers & Tahlia Ware


Experience nirvana in an immersive week of soul-shaking practice. One Hot Yoga & Pilates program managers , Janet and Tahlia, will lead you through two 2 hour classes daily, designed to unlock your physical, mental and spiritual potential. Solely on the mat, this retreat will explore all aspects of self, through creative use of props, sexy sequencing and seriously good beats. All in paradise, of course.

Bali in My Soul - A Spiritual Journey with Donna Raines & Robert Wenzler

SEPTEMBER 3 - 10, 2022

Join us for a life changing adventure in Ubud, Bali - experience true bliss and witness the purity of spiritual devotion in this sacred land. You will leave seeing the world differently, and loving yourself more.  We'll spend 8 days, and 7 incredible nights - September 4-11th - at Soulshine Bali where you'll experience Bali through the lens of meditation, mantra, chanting, yoga, day trips, free time, and traditional Balinese massage. 

Follow Your Bliss with Josie Sherwood

SEPTEMBER 3 - 10, 2022

Join Yoga teacher Josie Sherwood for her annual Bali retreat that will lead you to your bliss!

Take a journey... one that will challenge you, invigorate you and inspire you to follow your bliss. With daily yoga, meditation, adventures and much needed time to relax and restore. 

Bucket List Yoga Retreat: Bali Edition with Lidith Ramos

APRIL 30 - MAY 7, 2022

I invite you to an adventure; a week in paradise in the company of like-minded yogis. Make a check mark on your bucket list and experience with us the magic of Bali.

Every day we’ll anchor in the present moment with Forrest Yoga classes so that we can truly absorb the feast for the senses that Bali is. We will nurture our bodies with delicious healthy food and nurture our spirit with daily day trips around mystical Bali.


Soul of Leadership Bali Retreat with Nisha Moodley

APRIL 2 - 9, 2022

In this week-long journey, we’ll experience the time-bending effect of slowing down and infusing each day with deep connection in sisterhood, with other visionary womxn.

In this space of care and connection, we’ll ask the important questions, exploring how to honor and align with our individual callings.

Energize Your Body With Yoga and Qigong in Tropical Bali with Martina Sanchez-Pichovec

OCTOBER 12 - 19, 2024

Experience Ubud Bali to the fullest by joining this amazing journey. Breakaway from the stresses of modern life and
rejuvenate your mind and body through daily Yoga & Qigong practices.
This retreat is designed for those looking for the perfect mix of wellness and recreation to enjoy and take care of themselves. If you need a change of scenery or break from a stress-filled situation, this retreat is the ideal place to go.

Ignite Your Spark Bali, Yoga & Adventure Retreat

APRIL 15 - 22, 2023

Join Haley & Kayla on a week-long transformative retreat full of mindful movement, awakening cultural experiences, and soulful connections. We will encourage you to step away from it all and peel back the layers to reconnect with your most authentic self. Explore your sense of adventure, while carving out time to absorb, rest, and nurture your mind and body on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.