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At Soulshine Bali, we work closely with you to help you create an experience for your retreat goers that is fun, adventurous, spiritual and life changing. We also help you get the word out about your retreat to as many potential guests as possible through this website and our other social media platforms.


In addition to all styles of yoga, we have hosted Pilates, raw food, vegan, writing workshops, dance, family gatherings, weddings and many other types of retreats. If you dream it, we'll help you make it come to life!


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From the moment we step onto the path toward Soulshine hearts comes a light, and we’re reminded to breathe deeply and to let the soul shine.

As we come into the sanctuary that is the gathering/family area, all differences are left behind, as we ascend the stairs to the nourishing practice space surrounded by traditional rice field on all sides, we remember, we remember what is important and all else melts away.


Soulshine is a place where community so naturally comes alive in both intentional practices and pure play. From leaping in the infinity pool to gathering at family style meals, to breathing and moving on the roof top yoga shala, to the kind and loving staff, it is a place where the soul is nourished and shines.

 Janet Stone

Global Yoga Warrior

San Francisco, California

One visit to Soulshine Bali and I know I'm definitely returning year after year. Coming from the other side of the world is no easy journey, but everyone at Soulshine made me and my retreat group feel right at home. 


Once you step onto their property, you walk along a stone path with positive messages written. The atmosphere around all of Soulshine will do just that...make your soul shine. Balinese culture is everywhere even in the smallest of details, from the landscape, to the warmth and kindness of the staff, to the fresh, delicious meals that are prepared daily with love. Soulshine was the perfect venue to host a yoga retreat with plenty of rooms, amenities, and off-site activities in free time. The vibe that Soulshine emanates is one of community where everyone knows your name--and you can feel that through every single smile.


Bali is a place that fosters the space to reconnect to yourself, and to connect with new friends. Soulshine is the place where you'll remember sipping your morning coffee, long conversations with each other, refreshing dips in the infinity pool, walks along the rice paddies, and watching the sunset for the night from the balcony. Morning after morning, you reawaken to your new sense of self and start anew.


Allow your soul to shine through this magical place that is Soulshine Bali. 

Danni Pomplun

Yogi Misfit

San Francisco, California

Alex Roberts

Travel Well Yoga Creator

For nine years I have hosted yoga retreats in some of the finest locations around the world.  Soul Shine Bali stands as the best I’ve ever had the joy of visiting.  Soul Shine's tasteful design and fine touches offer travelers a blend of luxury, culture and art. 


The ownership & management teams are authentic, professional and easily accessible.  Their upfront and clear communication helps retreats to flow smoothly well before guests arrive.  Their concierge service makes group management a breeze and opens up the Balinese experience to all sorts of travel enthusiasts.

Soul Shine works hand in hand with the best tour & adventure companies on the island to provide a menu of unforgettable experiences.  If there is something your group wants that is not on the formal excursions list they are happy to work creatively with group leaders to develop the week they invision.  


Beyond management, each staff member at Soul Shine adds their own personal touch getting to know their guests and offering friendship along with world class service.  The heart and spirit of Soul Shine is in each member of the staff. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 2.00.53 PM.png

When you're guiding a group of trusting souls all the way across the globe to a retreat in a glorious, albeit very different, culture, it makes a huge difference for them to have a soft landing at a place like Soulshine Bali. 


From that first potentially disorienting moment that you exit the airport, they are there to warmly welcome you. Once you arrive at Soulshine in Ubud, you're hit with the magnitude of the majesty of this land. The spiritual devotion of the people, including those who lovingly staff Soulshine, is unparalleled. There's a sense of steady calm at Soulshine that is salve to the busy soul. 


The scenery is just epic - rice paddies as far as you can see, huge palms, lushness all around. The food is dangerously delicious (don't forget to eat the eggs, I've never had eggs better than Balinese eggs!) and the rooms are all thoughtfully appointed. The yoga practices on the rooftop deck deeply inspire. When I think of Soulshine, I take a great, deep breath and relax. It's like magic.

Gina Caputo, Yoga Teacher

Yogini on the Loose

Boulder, Colorado