Hosted by Michael Franti & Sara Agah Franti

A Week of Music, Soul and Rock & Roll!

Packages are valid for 3 years and can be applied to any Soulrocker Retreat until Dec 31st 2023

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Join Michael Franti co-founder of Soulshine Bali and Sara Agah Franti on their Soulrocker Music and Yoga Retreat.


They will host you on a week long adventure that will be a mix of mindfulness and absolute fun. You will have the opportunity to relax, dance, celebrate life, connect with others and hit the reset button all while hanging with Michael and Sara.  


The week will include live music by Michael Franti, sharing soul-sessions facilitated by Michael and Sara, all-levels yoga taught, group excursions to learn about and experience the island of Bali. 

"I co-founded Soulshine Bali to be a place where people from around the world could enjoy the culture and beauty of Bali, share delicious food and drinks, be immersed in great music, create life long friendships and be surrounded by an incredible team whose smiles are as authentic as their hearts!" - Michael Franti


“Planning a Soulrocker retreat is one of our favorite things to do. Getting intimate hang time with Soulrockers is a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. Michael and I look forward to rocking out with you!” 

-Sara Agah Franti

Join them on the SoulRocker retreat for a life changing week of Music, Soul and Rock and Roll!!!


What's Included

  • Seven nights accommodation at Soulshine Bali

  • Airport Transfers

  • Daily breakfast and dinners

  • Daily yoga led by Gina Caputo

  • Acoustic performance by Michael Franti

  • Beach day

  • Water Temple (Gunung Kawi Sebatu)

  • Visit to Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic

  • Optional Rafting


Michael will be providing the week’s live soundtrack by keeping the live acoustic jams spontaneously flowing throughout the seven days. 



*due to the popularity of our Soulrocker Retreats all rooms will be shared (double occupancy)


Book Before Jan 31st 2020 $3337.50 USD (25% off)  

SAVE OVER $1100 reg. $4450/person


Superior Rooms (New Expansion) 

Book before Jan 31st 2020 3187.50 USD per person (25% off) 

SAVE OVER $1000! reg. $4250 USD per person


Pool Suites John & Yoko   SOLD OUT  

Book before Jan 31st 2020 $2962.50 USD per person (25% off) 

SAVE OVE $950! reg. $3950 USD per person


Book before Dec 31st 2020 $2587.50 per person (25% off) 

SAVE OVER $850! reg. $3450/person



Book before Dec 31st 2020 $2362.50 USD per person (25% off) 

SAVE OVER $750 reg. $3150 USD per person


Single Standard Room (1 avail) -   SOLD OUT   

Book before Dec 31st 2020 $2437.50 USD per person (25% off) 

SAVE OVER $800 reg. $3250 USD per person


Please email to book

**Payment plans available**

​Commonly Asked Questions

​When do I have to use package by?

You will have the opportunity to use this package towards any Soulrocker retreat planned between 2021 and Dec 31st, 2023.

What if I want my own room?

All packages are listed as a single package in a shared room. We have never had a problem with roommates in our 6 years of hosting retreats. The only conseqence we have seen are life long friends. But if you are really wanting to have your own room, you can do so by paying a single supplement which is 40% of the package price. (ie. single supplement for as standard room is $1260 USD).


Is this package refundable?

No. Soulrocker retreats are non-refundable and exceptions will not be made. The package is transferrable if you would like to sell your package at the value purchased to another individual or change the name the package it is under. We cannot refund your purchase and send a new invoice to another.


Is a payment plan option available?

Yes. Absolutely. The payments can be broken into 4 installments, 1 month apart. Payments are non-refundable. Payments non-transferable and cannot be used as credit until the package is paid in full. 

What happens if the border doesn't re-open Jan 2021?

Package validity dates are 3 years from border opening. If the re-opening date changes, we will adjust package validity accordingly.

Do I have to know how to  practice yoga to come?

No experience necessary. We have had many people come with all experiences, including never having been on a mat. We just ask you come with an open heart and open mind.

What happens if my room type is not available for the date I want to come?

Rooms are subject to availability. If you have purchased a higher tier that is not available for the date you can participate, a hotel credit will be given.    


Can I bring my kids?

Children are welcome at Soulshine. We do recommend having childcare during the morning sessions so you can give yourself the opportunity to drop in and connect with the group. We have a lot of great caregivers at very reasonable rates. Children over 1 will be an additional charge. Please email us for specific rates.

Is tax included in my package?

Yes. 21% government tax and service is included.

Your Host

Michael Franti

Musician, filmmaker and humanitarian, Michael has been long known for his globally conscious lyrics, powerful performances, and dynamic live shows, he has continually been at the forefront of lyrical activism, using his music as a positive force for change. 


Michael started practicing yoga in 2001, and ever since has found that his time on the mat influences every aspect of his life off the mat. “I believe in the power of yoga to transform lives because it did mine. Since I started it has helped me connect my heart to all I do, sustain the health of my mind and body and constantly keep me on my growing edge. We built Soulshine to be a place to share the beauty of Bali and the joy of yoga with people from all around the globe.” 


Sara Agah Franti

Sara Agah Franti, an Emergency Room Registered Nurse, was inspired to create the Do It For The Love non-profit with her husband, musician Michael Franti after witnessing the power that music has to bring families together during their times of greatest need. Do It For The Love’s mission is to provide live concert experiences to children and adults living with end stages of life threatening illness or special needs, as well as wounded veterans.  In addition to her work in health and healing, she is also the owner and creative director of LUA a sustainable jewelry line, created to inspire individuality, and encourage the wearer to live free. 

Sara is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her passion has driven her to pursue her Masters Degree in Public Health, which she intends to use as a platform to concentrate on health promotion and policy change. Her work, life, and play are all influenced by her mantra "Be your best. Serve the greater good. Rock out wherever you are!”

Get To Know Soulshine

A boutique hotel and yoga retreat oasis located five minutes outside of the village of Ubud, Bali in Indonesia. We have been dedicated to creating a place of happiness where groups or individuals can come to relax, adventure, deepen their practices, eat great food, play in the sun and get back to being themselves. All of the people on our amazing team come from nearby villages, and will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.


Whether you’ve come to Bali for a tropical getaway or to find new beginnings in your life, Soulshine will help you to see the world in a whole new way.