Panorama Suites

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The Panorama Suites are the latest of our expansion project. 18 new rooms are currently under construction and set to open January 2022. This expansion will offer the following suites:

- 10 Panorama Suites 

- 2 Panorama Suites with outdoor showers

- 1 Stay Human VIP Suite (2nd floor. Private Terrace)

- 3 Panorama Penthouse Suites (3rd floor)

- 1 Soulshine Suite Presidential Suite (Top floor. Private terrace with Jacuzzi)

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Panorama Suites
The below images are a 3D renderings and not photographs of the rooms. Actual room interior design may differ.

The Soulshine Suite / Presidential Suite
The video is of a 3D render and not actual footage of the room. Actual room interior design may differ.