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Create, Inspire, Transform: Host Your Own Retreat at Soulshine Bali

Ready to share your passion and expertise with others in a paradise setting? Soulshine Bali offers the perfect backdrop for you to Host Your Own Retreat and create transformative experiences for your guests. From yoga and wellness to creative workshops, we provide the support and platform you need to make your retreat a success. Let's make your dream a reality together!

Host Your Own Retreat at Soulshine Bali! Make Your Dream a Reality!

At Soulshine Bali, we're dedicated to helping you Host Your Own Retreat that is fun, adventurous, spiritual, and life-changing. We support you in creating an unforgettable experience for your guests and spreading the word through our website and social media platforms.


We've hosted a wide range of retreats, including yoga, Pilates, raw food, vegan, writing workshops, dance, family gatherings, weddings, and more. Whatever your vision, we'll help you bring it to life!

Interested in hosting your own retreat? Fill out the application below.

Ideal for Various Retreats

  • Yoga Retreats
    Soulshine can become a peaceful yoga sanctuary where you can deepen practice amid Bali's lush landscapes. Embrace the serenity of our environment, ideal for meditation, yoga sessions, and mindfulness workshops.
  • Health-Focused Lifestyle Event
    Suppose you're planning a detox retreat, a wellness workshop series, or a health-focused conference, Soulshine provides the perfect place for connection and inspiration, fostering a journey of well-being and transformation. It is designed to nurture learning, growth, and community building.
  • Creative Workshop
    A place that sparks creativity and nurtures artistic expression in a tranquil, inspiring setting. Our flexible, supportive environment is ideal for writing retreats, art workshops, dance classes, and more. Soulshine offers you the perfect atmosphere to unlock your creative potential.
  • Taylor-Made Retreat
    Think about a unique retreat crafted to reflect your vision and goals. Soulshine specializes in creating personalized retreat experiences, from custom schedules to tailored requirements. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure every detail aligns perfectly with your aspirations, resulting in a genuinely everlasting retreat.

Apply To Host Your Own Retreat at Soulshine

Thanks for applying. We will be in touch with you within 72 hours! We can't wait to have you here at Soulshine.

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Janet Stone

Soulshine is a place where community so naturally comes alive in both intentional practices and pure play. From leaping in the infinity pool to gathering at family style meals, to breathing and moving on the roof top yoga shala, to the kind and loving staff, it is a place where the soul is nourished and shines.

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Danni Poplun

Soulshine was the perfect venue to host a yoga retreat with plenty of rooms, amenities, and off-site activities in free time. The vibe that Soulshine emanates is one of community where everyone knows your name--and you can feel that through every single smile.

Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 12.19.00 AM.png

Gina Caputo

When you're guiding a group of trusting souls all the way across the globe to a retreat in a glorious, albeit very different, culture, it makes a huge difference for them to have a soft landing at a place like Soulshine Bali. The scenery is just epic - rice paddies as far as you can see, huge palms, lushness all around. It's like magic.

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Alex Roberts

For nine years I have hosted yoga retreats in some of the finest locations around the world.  Soul Shine Bali stands as the best I’ve ever had the joy of visiting.  Soul Shine's tasteful design and fine touches offer travelers a blend of luxury, culture and art. The ownership & management teams are authentic, professional and easily accessible.  

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